Alaska State Defense Force Defined By Col Brown


On December 13th, 1636, in Salem Massachusetts, the tradition of the American militia was born. Since that time, the brave men and woman of the militias have continued to serve and protect this great nation throughout the centuries. Following in this great tradition, during World War II, the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG) formed. Known as the "Eskimo Scouts," the Alaska Territorial Guard worked with the U.S. Army, to defend Alaska. In 1947, at the conclusion of World War II, the Alaska Territorial Guard was disbanded. In 1984, Governor Bill Sheffield and the Alaska legislature established the Alaska State Guard. The Alaska State Guard was renamed in 1987, as the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF). Today the men and women of the Alaska State Defense Force continue the honorable tradition, set forth by the Alaska Territorial Guard, to defend and serve the citizens and the great state of Alaska.

ASDF Troops


The United States Constitution Article I Section 8 and 32 USC 109 provides the authority for states to establish militias. The Constitution of Alaska, Article III, Section 19 Alaska Statute 26.05.100 further establish the authority of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF). The Governor is the Commander-in-Chief and exercises that authority through the Adjutant General (TAG).


The 49th Brigade, Alaska State Defense Force is a volunteer organization. Established to provide a trained and organized state military reserve supportive of homeland security, Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA), and other civil support operations. Our soldiers are equipped and trained for various missions including:

Communications Emergency Management
Military Police Domain Awareness
Engineering Medical Support
Logistical Support Shelter Management
JRSOI Chaplaincy


The Alaska State Defense Force is for students, people with part-time and full-time jobs, those with or without prior military service experience, or any other citizen who has the desire to serve and protect their state, community, and families. When you enlist in the ASDF, you join a long honored tradition of citizen-soldiers, ready to help friends and families, communities, state and nation, in their time of need.



Serve your community and state
Enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other volunteers
Develop and enhance your leadership skills and Professional Military Education
Drill and train locally
Wear a similar uniform to the U.S. Army
ASDF Soldiers are paid when on State Active Duty
Life insurance through the Alaska National Guard Association
Tuition Assistance through the State of Alaska


ASDF soldiers train a minimum of one weekend a month with an annual field training exercise (FTX) of 3-5 days, so you will be ready when your state and it's citizens call upon you. If you have never served in the military, you will be required to complete your initial intake training.