Cyber Security

We are building our Cyber Detachment in order to assist leading agencies at State/Cities/Borough levels. We are actively seeking volunteer members with experience in network penetration, web testing, wireless network assessments, social-engineering assessments and vulnerability and threat analysis. In this context young and motivated cyber persons (age 17 up) are welcome as well (parents consent). We seek individuals (any of these) who:

• Are willing to serve the safety and freedom of the State of Alaska;
• Are willing to invest of their time in a primarily volunteer status (ASDF SMs receive pay when they are called for State active duty by the Governor);
• Are willing and privileged to serve in uniform and carry a military rank commensurate with prior military service and/or civilian credentialing);
• Are willing to share their experience and are used to work in a team;
• Have a variety of information technology experience - preferably cyber security;
• Have experience in Military Computer Emergency Response Teams (MilCERT);
• Have an affinity to think as a possible attacker.
• Love to think „out of the box“.

Thereby, we are looking to fill and create among others the following positions:

• INFOSEC Officer;
• Cryptographer;
• Forensic Expert;
• Incident Responder;
• Penetration Tester;
• Security Analyst;
• Security Auditor;
• Vulnerability Assessor;
• IT Infrastructure specialist;
• Hot line.

If you have questions or are interested, please send a short description of your interest, background and the reasons why you would like to contribute with your knowledge using our contact form click here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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